High performance and elite level athletes rely on AdvoCare products to enhance their performance. Here are their testimonials. | See more ideas about. As AdvoCare has grown, it has signed dozens of high-profile athletes as endorsers, including NFL QBs Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers and Alex. Meet AdvoCare’s newest endorser – football player Aaron Murray! http://www.

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If your family doesn’t support you, go anyways,'” he says. The couples told tales of transformation: The company played clips of top distributors speaking reverentially about Ragus, its founder. You present hope and opportunity,” he said.

For 17 years, she worked as a mortgage lender, making “really good money,” the kind of money that allowed her to pay for traveling soccer teams and expensive clothes for her kids.

Securing athlete endorsers is a key part of AdvoCare’s model. ESPN interviewed more than 30 current and former salespeople, the vast majority of whom said their focus, and the focus of their superiors, was on recruiting other distributors.

Notify me of new comments via email. Former AdvoCare members say loyalty keeps distributors silent — but so does shame, because people who struggle are told, over and over, that they simply aren’t trying hard enough.

AdvoCare gives salespeople 30 days to return products or up to a year if they forfeit their distributorship. With Saints quarterback Drew Brees and other athletes leading the way, AdvoCare is using its sports ties to build a nutrition empire. The audience exploded when a local couple, Mike and Sarah Ferro, appeared onstage. They won’t listen to me, they won’t talk about due diligence.

It felt like a revival. They appear on the company’s website and speak at its conferences; they’re idolized by low-level distributors. The agency — which declined to comment on AdvoCare — accused Vemma’s salespeople of misrepresenting how easy it is to make money, pressuring new recruits to “buy in” to the plan and prioritizing recruiting over retailing.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd sat down, then immediately stood up again when Rick Loy, a longtime AdvoCare executive, strolled out.


World Class Supplements- AdvoCare Independent Distributor

Several relatives of AdvoCare distributors told ESPN that when they tried to discuss these statistics with their family members, they were shunned. A Beautiful Burden Khadeem Lattin’s grandfather and his Texas Western teammates helped changed the course of college basketball. Crossan wasn’t bringing on new recruits, but she kept buying products, goaded by the people above her in the organization. Twitter Facebook Like this: Those figures don’t include profits from members’ product sales, but they also don’t include expenses, which several distributors say outweigh retail profits.

Levy, the general counsel, says many distributors aren’t actually trying to make money — they’re just in it for the markdown: Few could have guessed that the league’s return would become so bloody, bitter and, edorsers of all, emblematic of how power in the NFL truly works.

Bythough, business began to boom again.

This too proved challenging. The company hired an experienced CEO and doubled down on sports marketing. When one of her friends told her about AdvoCare a few years advocade, she was skeptical.

While AdvoCare hasn’t endured many product-related complaints, the firm was involved in one high-profile case: Like many distributors, Crossan found it hard to sell the products.

Kamel, who runs a youth endorser school in Plano, was terminated in after he clashed with a member above him, who sent him a racist text, he says. Last summer the agency asked a federal court to halt operations of another outfit, Vemma Nutrition Company.

Before AdvoCare, they were overweight, depressed, resentful of their jobs, ednorsers of each other. After, they were happy. One line jumped out. At one point, she clicked zdvocare a training video that offered scripts for inviting people to mixers. Friends and family members who raise questions about AdvoCare are labeled “dream killers” by other salespeople, according to several distributors. At one point, he says, he presided over a downline of more than 30, people, collecting commissions on sales from members many levels beneath him.

MLM supporters say few grievances about the companies surface because they are doing advocaee wrong; critics counter that discretion is baked into the business model. ESPN 0 0 0. Salespeople are recruited to sell the products, and then encouraged — and financially incentivized — to recruit others to sell them as well.


The Wow Factor Few could have guessed that the league’s return would become so bloody, bitter and, most endrosers all, emblematic of how power in the NFL truly works. Learn about the athletes and performers who trust AdvoCare with their health and performance.

Though the speakers in Orlando only hinted at their wealth — AdvoCare’s legal department tells salespeople not to make monthly income claims, which could spur lawsuits accusing them of deceptive marketing — distributors in the audience were more direct.

Drew Brees Has A Dream He’d Like To Sell You

In addition to running a Facebook group with nearly 12, members, the couple operate a website advocage replete with training materials. A tall, charismatic Louisiana native who was briefly with the Kansas City Chiefs, Ragus died in ; there are photographs and paintings of him enddorsers throughout the office. And so do I. She says she moved only three Day Challenges over the course of a year, two of which went to her sister, so she tried to recruit other advisors.

Questions surround AdvoCare, nutrition empire endorsed by Saints QB Drew Brees

Lance Wimmer, a consultant who was hired to help turn around the company insays the top distributors were divided by religion; the devout churchgoers held more power and wielded it over others. That brand aligns perfectly with the quarterback’s reputation: The Crossans were mesmerized.

But AdvoCare is pitching more than nutritional products. The event was called Success School, adocare it didn’t feel like an educational seminar, according to members who were there.

Since joining AdvoCare, Brees says he’s been stopped on the streets by “literally thousands of people” who tell him how the company has changed their lives: