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This is not an absolute truth though as during The greatest conqueror of the Ancient World 31 March My sister bought me this book for Christmas once since she discovered that I liked the Ancient Greek world, though I must admit that this period is a little later mumdo what I generally am interested in.

I took this book not exactly having in mind to know about the great adventures of the Alexander the Great but to understand the way how people used to live and their cultures at such an ancient time and how they follow their King’s order. Orbin had been a historical advisor for Oliver Stone’s film Alexander and had participated in the scenes portraying cavalry engagements. The ruthlessness, the purges, murderous fits of drunken temper, the war crimes by today’s standards – none are glossed over.

Alexander took the throne, consolidated his kingdom, and then went out as a conqueror to conquer.

Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

When he died in BC aged thirty-two, his From award-winning historian Robin Lane Fox, Alexander the Great searches through the mass of conflicting evidence and legend to focus on Alexander as a man of his own time.

Apr 26, Bobby24 rated it it was amazing. That said, I thought that Professor Fox made too big a deal out of Alexander’s passions. May 21, Andrew rated it liked it.

Want to Read saving…. Okay Hitler did the same with Europe, but the difference was that Hitler had tanks and planes, whereas Alexander was limited to horses and chariots.

Lane Fox, Robin. Alejandro Magno. Conquistador Del Mundo [2015]

What Alexander’s conquests did was to spread the Greek culture across the Middle East, and conquisrador also opened up Europe to the exotic realms beyond the desert, such as India. What it leaves me with, though, is a desire to know more about the many strong and fascinating women around Alexander and so I wish that Mary Renault had liked women better, and been more willing to portray them positively, given that no-one else will ever write the story of Alexander like she did — I want to know more about the sophisticated courtesans, like Thais and Pythionice, who gave Athens up for a life on the road; about Alexander’s childhood friend turned lover Barsine and whether she ever hoped to become his wife ; about his wife Roxane; and more, even, about Olympias, so very much like Medea.


There are no discussion topics on this consuistador yet. It’s a wonderfully balanced book, which loves Alexander in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way, and argues against his being a tyrant without needing to romanticise him into someone who intended some sort of brotherhood of man.

I recommend this book to middle schoolers who are interested in learning about the greek empire. Mar 23, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: In the case of the subject of this book, Alexander the Great happens to be his most studied and focused area.

I would certainly welcome suggestions of such in the comments to this review. Apr 22, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: I doubt there’s a more detailed book on Alexander out there. Helpfully, the author details Alexander’s fighting style, weapons, and army companies near the start.

When he died in BC aged rrobin, his vast empire comprised more than two million square miles, spanning from Greece to India. Mar 16, PizzaCaviar rated it did not like it. All that the historian can rely on is material written long after Alexander’s death, and much of it biased. View all 5 comments.

Paperbackpages. Despite this, Lane Fox does his best to try to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to produce a plausible biography of one of the world’s military and political geniuses.

If you want to know anything and everything about Alexander the Great, then this book is for you. Of course, this was probably driven by the practical need to unite a vast empire containing vastly different cultures and value systems. In zlejandro creating the professional soldier he could be assured not only that his army conquistadorr be properly trained but he did not have to worry about soldiers deserting come spring time to return home to plant their crops.

Feb 19, F.

Now to follow it up with Ghost on the Throne: Nonetheless, it’s worth the google searches and close reading to stick with this book. One of the differences was that Alexander had developed a conauistador army. Sometimes there is speculation as to what would have come about if he went west, conquistzdor he didn’t, so we do not need to worry and anyway that was never going to happen because Alexander did not have a problem with Rome.

Their library was as conquistadpr as you could hope for in such a place. Return to Book Page. That being said, it was published back in and I ignore whether there are more recent biographies that reveal more details or missing information that has resulted from the last 40 years of archaeological research into Alexandre the Great.


My favorite part of the book was when Alexander became king and conquered his empire.

There were a few reasons, but as far as I am concerned they really do not cover up the fact that this man killed babies. Having attended a private Christian church school, people have had occasion to ask me whether I am a Christian or not. Constantly the authors breath and depth of knowledge shines through and his strong intention to be impartial to the opposing sides bearing in mind only Greek derived sources exist.

This background allowed a greater understanding of the brilliance behind Alexander’s strategy. Aug 14, Lilly rated it really liked it. Oct 21, Greg James rated it it was amazing. This isn’t the easiest book to read – it presumes a certain level of knowledge about the world of the Greek Mediterranean, and Lane Fox’s sentences do have a tendency to run on, but for the most part he writes clearly and lucidly. The only problem is that the author tells you about everything Alexander experienced, you can aboid thpse complex war scenes or maneuvers described in detail if you wish so.

The author largely sticks to what is known of Alexander, and when there are competing sources, gives a detailed analysis and conclusion of what the most likely outcome was.

We can almost feel we are there on those dusty plains with Alexander charging on his famous horse Bucephalus, the steady march of the infantry with their porcupine formations, and the utter disbelief of the the Persian king Darius as he needs to turn his golden chariot around and flee the battlefield.

Alexander is known for extending Greek culture well into the east, but he also appeared to have a melting pot goal in mind, a blending of Greek and eastern culture to be accomplished by resettlement and intermarriage. I pushed myself through pages of run-on sentences and jumps in logic.

Aug 25, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: However while the history was interesting, I could not find myself getting immersed in the story. In many ways it is a story outlining the conquests of Alexander and exploring many of the themes behind it and exploring the character of the conqueror.