Swami Muktananda ( – ), the Siddha Guru, resided for the latter part of his life in Ganeshpuri, India. His inner blaze electrified a generation of people. Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan. We are writing this article in order to introduce a new way of understanding the late spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda (), who.

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According to his official biography, he wandered across India as a young man, going from teacher to teacher, living the chaste, austere life of a monk.

The other was Joe Don Looney, an ex-football player with a reputation for muktansnda on the five NFL teams he played for, and a criminal record. On the first night, Muktananda had tried to convince Bba she was being initiated into tantric yoga – the yoga of sex. I almost jumped when the peacock feathers, firmly but with a soft weightiness, hit me repeatedly on my head, and then gently brushed my face as [Muktananda] [ When he then told her to undress, she was shocked, but she obeyed.

Others saw guns in the hands of “enforcer” Sripati and ashram manager Yogi Ram. At age 15 he encountered Bhagavan Nityananda, a wandering avadhoot who profoundly changed his life. Baba Muktananda said he was a Siddha, the representative of a centuries-old Hindu lineage.

Three years later, Muktananda told Baga it was more like five million.

Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa (1908-1982)

He was standing up, and muktananca eyes were rolled up to the ceiling. Following this encounter, he left home to wander throughout India, took initiation as a monk, and became Swami Muktananda.


Some of the ex-followers began to meet and compare notes on their experiences in the ashram. He asked Mary to come to his bedroom several times, and gave her gifts of money and jewelry.

Devotees from Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of India came for weekends and celebrations. Muktananda’s ubiquitous valet, Noni Patel, was a regular target of his master’s wrath. Michael is only now coming out of a period of depression and emptiness. In MayMuktananda appointed two successors as joint leaders of the Siddha Yoga path, Swami Chidvilasananda and her younger brother, Swami Nityananda who later resigned and formed his own group.

If God himself were to behave in this way, we would have to find him guilty of flagrant disregard for the law of love. In other words, he was accusing us of all the things he was doing himself.


She says the gradual unfolding of the dark side of her guru’s personality chipped away at her love and respect. Curbing the sex drive released the kundalini energy that led to enlightenment, he said. But if they don’t, people who come to them looking for truth are courting disappointment. She had been entrusted to the ashram by her parents, and was being cared for by Muktananda’s laundress and chauffeur.

Chandra said she had rationalized the guru’s having sex in the past, but was dismayed to learn it had happened to her young friend Mary. Baba himself often helped prepare the meals, adding his special magic to the food. That in itself is the biggest danger of having a perfect master lead any kind of group – there’s no muitananda.


Muktananda – Wikipedia

Michael’s wife Chandra was disturbed. To most of his muktanands, Muktananda was a great master. Baba spent two years in the West teaching meditation, awakening individuals to the richness of their inner Self. Some of Muktananda’s most important former followers now charge that the guru repeatedly violated his vow of chastity, made millions of dollars from his followers’ labors: For some, the effects were subtle, bringing deep meditative stillness.

Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa () – Shanti Mandir

Chandra Dinga said that as Muktananda’s power grew, he ignored normal standards of behavior. His successors are now in a dilemma: He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan Nityananda.

Central to his teachings were to “See God in each other,” [15] and “Honor your Self. While remaining in meditation, people laughed, cried, swayed. Charges of sex against Muktananda continued.

Later all had the opportunity to share their experiences. Another of Muktananda’s victims was a woman I’ll call “Jennifer. Utter freedom, utter joy [ The Grimeses and the Dingas reported the threats to the police.

According to his description, it was a profound and sublime experience.