Corina Bogdan I) Obiective v generale: formarea studenţilor pentru Testarea intelectului, Editura Fundaţiei România de Mâine, Bucureşti Nicolae Mitrofan, este o colecţie de tehnici şi strategii constituite pentru a permite o evaluare . Statisticile descriptive: grafice, modul de prezentare, de manipulare. 11 See Volkoff, Vladimir, Dezinformarea, armă de război, Editura Incitatus, Bucureşti, pp. 12 See Ficeac, Bogdan (), Tehnici de manipulare, Editura. prieten Pictorul Nicolae Grigorescu. Uploaded by. prieten Bogdan Ficeac – Tehnici de Manipulare v Uploaded by. prieten

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Before the advent in the mid and late s of user-generated content video sites, much of what had been seen of the Revolution came from the studios and cameras of Romanian Television or foreign networks.

To do so, he slashed imports and sharply increased exports without regard to domestic needs. Backed by elements of the army, they promised free elections while espousing reform communism. Significantly, and enhancing the credibility of these accusations, those who claim such bogdam come from diverse backgrounds, different cities, and from across the post-Ceausescu political spectrum.

To this must be added ethnici is little talked about or acknowledged as such nlcolae One of the injured responded to him perfectly. To show the people and the whole world fanatical terrorists. Use the HTML below.

Thus, beyond the culpability of an institution that was key to the ability of the nomenklaturists who had seized power to continue in power—i. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I wrote a short article in November that was published in two different forms in 22 and Sfera Politicii in December —the mood in Romania was euphoric as seven years of the Iliescu regime had just come to an end through the ballot box.

No opinions are explicitly offered, and no history or explanation provided, beyond what the camera sees.

October « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

He asked that all of the extracted bullets be turned over to him. Bucur [Seful Securitatii] i-a raspuns ca nu depinde de el, sa-i opreasca cel care a declansat focul. Totalitarian yes, Stalinist no. It also seems difficult to defend objectively as a legitimate description, since even according to their own accounts, senior Front officials had been in contact with one another and discussed overthrowing the Ceausescus prior to the Revolution, since there had existed no real competing non-Ceausescu regime alternative on 22 December an argument they themselves makeand since they had clearly not been elected to office.


Maria Petrascu has described elsewhere what she and her husband found on December at the County Morgue:. La o ora, o ora si jumatate dupa aceea s-a oprit focul. Ceausescu is a controversial character. A Response to Watts II: Edit Storyline During the summary trial that he and his wife were submitted to, Nicolae Ceausescu is reviewing his long reign in power: The Internet and video sites such as Youtube, Daily Motion, and others have broken down the centralized control of other often individually-recorded images, ultimately challenging the sort of control over information exercised by a state agency such as, in this case, the military procuracy.

What happened to those terrorists who were caught? Jean Constantinescu [no apparent relation], who was shot in the CC building on 23 Decemberstated the following in a declaration he gave just last year as recounted by the investigative journalist Romulus Cristea: The discovery and then disappearances of such maps showing the placement and actions of Interior Ministry units—in particular, the Securitate—was recounted by others in the early s.

A young girl of 13 lives with her mother on an isolated property. Ba, mai mult, si-au lasat armele si munitia.

See also the claims of mqnipulare military prosecutor Teodor Ungureanu Facultatea de Drept, also in Decemberat, for example, http: And finally, by all means go. One arrived at night, under some pretext.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu () – IMDb

Much of the debate about what happened in December has revolved around how to define those events…and their consequences. First, go and be prepared to supply your own context. Sergiu Tanasescu trainer for the Bucharest Rapid soccer club: I showed him the x-rays of those who were shot, I showed him the bullets in the liver.


Last, but hardly least, military prosecutors with roots in the Ceausescu era, have assimilated or mirror such arguments. The effort you expend on this journey will certainly be rewarded.

After the aforementioned realizations in about the need to be more comparative and systematic in investigating accounts of the Revolution, it took yet another two maddening years before I started to realize the significance of the ballistics evidence. The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu 7.

Could just average civilians have been in possession of these?

To suggest to him that that is how he would end up if…. Farcau Mariana Rodica misidentified in the film as Rodica Marcau. Among these a few were definitely foreign, even though all had Romanian papers.

Pretty late in the game, in any case only after 24 December. Those who had and have knowledge about tehnicj existence and activities of the shock troops subordinated directly to Ceausescu remained quiet and continue to do so out of fear or out of calculation.

Archive for October, 2010

Color Black and White. Let us hope that on the twentieth anniversary of the Revolution, we may be able to read serious investigations of the ballistics evidence, rather than be subjected to the false and jaded refrain… such things did not exist! He had on three layers of clothing and several ids. This site uses cookies. Residents — who watched the Velvet Revolution and the fall of the Tehnick Wall via foreign television broadcasts — took to the streets, sacked government buildings, and overwhelmed army detachments that tried to suppress them.

Romania was different in They tied him to the stretcher, but although he appeared tehnivi frail, at a given moment he ripped the restraints off.

The Romanian Television building is in danger!