Support for both variants of DIN letter layout Draft .. DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. das in der DIN Norm (Entwurf Mai ) festgelegte Layout um. Der Betreff . DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. \disabledraftstandard Der Brief wird entsprechend den Vorschriften der Norm DIN vom Dezember auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben.

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The option code is executed after the other class commands since the lengths used are introduced later on. RG Changes of K.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version |

Die Hervorhebung wird aktiviert. So we provide here a hook psfirstpagehook and the user can complete this pagestyle if he wishes simply by doing: Here is a table of all variables, and a mark if they are local, global or both.

Ferner werden die Grenzen der vorliegenden Version aufgezeigt und es wird auf bekannte Fehler hingewiesen. It is input by the last command of the class but brieefbogen any package. The slanted and small caps shapes are not available by default as math alphabets, so these changes do nothing in math mode. If more than one! Mit diesem Befehl kann der Briefkopf nicht frei gestaltet werden.


Commented out and moved to the end of the file. briefgogen

RG generic command for all enclosures added. Argument two is the argument of the control sequence given in the first argument. For desk printer output this is usually the real dinn size dn there is no post-processing. This may also be true also for NFSS1. RG some more Comments added. This has to happen after the begin document hooks was executed so that this hook can still use such commands. By default, we use the old version and therefore the german standard.

But maybe it is sometimes usefull. Zusammenfassung der Dinbrief-Befehle Teil 1: No features of are currently used.

Footnotes are numbered within briefhogen in the report and book document styles. Durch headings wird die Kopfzeile mit einer Anrede und der Seitenzahl bei mehrseitigen Briefen gesetzt. Defaults for the list environment are set as follows.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version

The second argument is a macro with exactly one argument. These commands work in text mode and in math mode. Normally, labels are printed on special paper, but some printers are able to print on envelopes.


We made this macro long. This allows the generation of papers containing several labels or printing directly on envelopes. Betreff und Teilbetreff Betreff und Teilbetreff sind stichwortartige Inhaltsangaben.

Code copied from letter class. The default value is 4mm.

We have to make sure that the rule takes no vertical space see plain. Use class ltxdoc document class. In addition it will save a few tokens to get rid of the above definition.