#0, #1 and #3 sizes are readily replaced with new shutters, so the option of replace instead of repair is available. The Compur shutters are nicely made and well. From the service section of Flutots Camera Repair, Unfortunately parts are no longer available for those great Synchro-Compur shutters. How to strip-down and service the Synchro-Compur shutter on a Kodak Retina Ia or IIa camera. I’ll assume you already have the shutter removed from the.

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Fixing a Sychro-Compur shutter

We do not remove fungus or recoat lenses! But we can restore the shutter to its original Copal condition without click-stops. We can examine your shutter first and let you know the diagnosis before you send any payment. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.

O peration of the two styles of 0 Compur. Aug 23, 6. We have a supply of the most commonly needed parts for most shutters, but please contact us first, just to be sure.


Extensive Compur shutter repair and lubrification guide | Photography Forums

Let us know what you’ve got. Aug 23, 9.

We’ll thoroughly clean the glass surfaces if not multi-coated and iris blades. Shitter 12, I have this as a high quality PDF – all Mb of it Can’t remember where I got it from, but I can post it up somewhere comupr anyone is desperate for a copy.

One might also be aware shitter some eg Radio Shack “electric contact cleaners” are caustic If it’s not listed we still might work on it!

Aug 23, 1. Having some other shutters to play with helps in camera repairs. Cleaning and Iris Blade Realignment: Cimpur Safe on Plastics, and a precision oiler with oil. Place the mechanism in a suitable shallow container and flood with a solvent. He is hosting them on this page of his site lower half of page. Very reasonable prices for CLAs. Will it land on lens elements?


They work more like the Compound shutters but are called Compur and were made thru the late sixties. In addition to the usual 00, 0, 1 and 3 sizes there is an elusive size referred to by default as 2.

Thanks for all the responses, guys! Aug 23, 4. As a result, we cannot repair broken click-stops. Solutions for all shutter problems.

For a list of vendors please visit our Links page. While I am a DIYer, it makes me a little nervous. We aim to adjust shutters within these tolerances. Also, some Copal shutters from Schneider have aperture click-stops.

Basically, remove the lens elements and the diaphragm assy, usually attached to the shutter casing. We make no other warranty for the repairs performed. More props for Carol at Flutot’s.