CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Regulation Lecture Notes Anna University CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Lecture notes PP Notes 5TH. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Programming Paradigms CS PP free pdf! The Third Year,Fifth semester Anna. 5th semester Notes. GKM College Notes: 1. Software Engineering Programming Paradigms (PP or JAVA) (CS) (CS55) ( CS) Unit 1 – View /.

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Field, Method Describes a method parameter. Packages are peogramming for the classes. In particular, the proxy class has the following methods: Instead, you can define your own loggers. Use the write lock in all mutators: TheArrayList class simply maintained an array of Object references: Then the subclass is no longer abstract.

CS2305 Programming Paradigms Question Bank – 16 Mark Questions – Anna University CSE 5th Semester

Because none of the methods of the Student class are abstract, it does not need to be declared as an abstract class. Both students and employees have names and introducing a common superclass lets us factor out the getName method to a higher level in the inheritance hierarchy. Then, the first thread awakens and completes its Step 3. Once a method throws an exception, the method does not return to its caller. Programming paradigm in this course A pattern that serves as a school of thoughts for programming of computers Programming technique Related to an algorithmic idea for solving a particular class of problems Examples: The last two return information for fields declared directly by the class — regardless of the fields’ access types.


Scheduled Execution The ScheduledExecutorService interface has methods for scheduled or repeated execution of tasks. Each account has one thread. To do anything specific with the value, you need to have some knowledge about the original type and then apply a cast: For ellipses, these refer to the bounding cz2305.

When a subclass is derived from a derived class then this mechanism is known as the multilevel inheritance.

Explain Packages in detail. Types of arrays One dimensional arrays Two dimensional arrays One Dimensional arrays A list of items can be given one variable name using only one subscript and such a variable is called single- subscripted of one dimensional array. Construct a ReentrantReadWriteLock object: And what can we do with the resulting proxy object?

The compiler can make good use of this information too. We store the desired color in our listener class. Accordingly, our run method exits when an InterruptedException occurs Thread Runnable target constructs a new thread that calls the run method of the specified target.

There may be multiple visual representations of the same data that need to be updated together The model-view-controller pattern is not the only pattern used in the design of AWT and Swing.



When the foreign object is retrieved with getFirst and assigned to a Manager variable, a ClassCastException is thrown, just as in the good old days. The answers depend, of course, on the problem that we want to solve with the proxy mechanism.

Here is the code for the transfer method of the Bank class. You can always convert a parameterized type to a raw type.

Lecture notes: Programming Paradigms

A method is said to be lcture when one is in parent class and another is in child class with the same name, same return type, same parameter. This is one example of generic programming.

These variables are called as instance variables. Access a package The import statement can cs3205 used to search a list of packages for a particular class.

For example, the following method tests whether a pair contains a given object. What happens if two threads have access to the same object and each calls a method that modifies the state of the object?