ODS (on-disk structure) is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. When a new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might. In simple words, ODS (On-Disk Structure) is a number of database file format for the particular Firebird or InterBase RDBMS version. Almost all. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or a bare bone database and extracts the ODS version with direct file access.

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FreeAdhocUDF ODS-versions

Our company offers the comprehensive migration service for the complex Firebird databases. The Implementation ID in the ODS of a database is deprecated in favour of a new field in database headers describing hardware details that need to match in order for the firebirdd to be assumed to have been created by a compatible implementation.

The PLAN is now included. Implementation ID is Deprecated. Under these conditions, there will be no problems opening existing databases with the new Firebird sub-release. If you only have command-line access you can use Firebird’s gstat command line tool located in bin directory.

But that assumes that the database is at minimum ODS Virebird to System Tables. Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS: ODS on-disk structure is a number representing version of firebirdd database physical layout structure.


Operating system user name. Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS:. In this case, if a database was created a long time ago and constantly modified, there can be incorrect old BLR for some objects.

delphi – Querying ODS version in use from the Firebird Server – Stack Overflow

Sometimes you can get another firebitd of message, from the server not from gstat but with the same meaning. User and password here unnecessary, because gstat with —h option just read physical part of the database header page, number 0. Our checks did not reveal any cross-platform compatibility issues between ODS Starting with FB 2.

The three ID fields are just for information: We use cookies to make your experience of forebird websites better.

There’s no way to know it upfront. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Wrong ODS direbird, expected 8, encountered ? If you haven’t used any new features of server X version of InterBase or Firebirdso you may return to X-1 following these steps: For Named Pipes a.


For example, when Firebird 1. The ODS version, as reported by user tools, shows with which server version the database was created, e. In order to work with a database with an older ODS it will be necessary to make a backup using gbak under the older server and restore it with gbak on Firebird 3.

In the initial release, firebirx database with an older ODS cannot be opened by Firebird 3. Firenird to return to the previous version of Firebird or InterBase Sometimes, you may require performs a downgrade and return back from the new server.

Currently we have only one flag, for endianness. Thanks for all the comments. To learn more, visit our add content page.

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

The most popular platforms—Windows and Linux x64 bit —were not affected by the change. Maximum database size is increased to 2 32 pages previously 2 31 pages. Starting with Firebird 3.

To do that you will need 2 computers with the new server and the old one.