Description. Generator gearboxes can be used for the low-cost production of electricity on board. They are used with low-speed diesel engines and can be used. Flender-Graffenstaden also manufactures auxiliary gear units used on some of the With an installed fleet of more than 13 high speed gearboxes and more . precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a latest knowledge in the field of gearboxes, every single gear unit is tested in.

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A jaw crusher in France for the comminution of ROM limestone has been replaced with a new Center Sizer solution in the context of a retrofit fllender. Through a long history of gear manufacturing, Flender-Graffenstaden has acquired the know-how and the experience to be a leader in the field of high speed gears.

With impellers directly mounted to the gear casing, flfnder products form an integral unit with the driven compressors and expanders integrally geared compressor. More info Add to cart. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Full load testing test bench report available.

Market See for more projects in the Dredging market. End of warranty inspections Wind Gearbox alignment Gearbox inspection Gearbox optimization Geometric measurements Infrared measurements Torque measurements Vibration measurements Visual inspections. Gearboxes Wind turbine brand: Gears and Services Asia – Flener. See for more detailed project information.


Winergy Total units available: For more than 60 yearsFlender-Graffenstaden is recognised as the world leader for Gearboxes used in Industrial Power Generation gearbkx including either gas turbine or steam turbine driven generators. Field Service Engineers are on constant standby to visit any ship or plant throughout the world. We found the gearbox housing was broken, so we had to repair this.

FLENDER Generator Gearboxes

Flender gearbx accommodate mechanical running test at full speed full load, partial flenddr test or even back to back locked torque test. Only minor markings of hammering of the clutch plates were observed. For more than 20 years, GBS Gearbox Services has gained extensive knowledge of gear technology through new gearbox design and manufacture.

Flender Total units available: Each gearbox has two hydraulic Ortlinghaus clutches. Our selection of universal gear unit designs is perfectly supplemented by a wide range of standard options such as motor bell housings, backstops and taconite seals.


Please enter your complete MLFB number here. For industries looking for geabrox efficiency compression systems, Flender-Graffenstaden provides single or multiple meshing integral gear units using single helical and thrust collar designs. Select the components of your product. The ship is equipped with the latest dredging and diskharge equipment.


Helical and Bevel-Helical Gear Units | Gear Units | Products | Flender

The ship was designed to meet the particular constraints of small wharves and shallow drafts. Planning, developing, verifying and acting are fkender keywords in our ongoing improvement initiative.

Eickhoff Total units available: We found that the friction plates had te be renewed. Flender had inspected the starboard outer clutch after fleder with clutching had been reported. We have for sale Gear Boxes for Vestas V47 windturbines.

With our international presence, we have a team of highly skilled service engineers available when you need them. The hub and the outer drum of the coupling appeared in a visually good condition.

Minimization of future downtimes and loss of production capacity in case of damage Longer lifetime through optimization by geomtric measurements and analysis. In addition to high precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a dynamically optimized design of shafts and hydrodynamic bearings.