2 Fluke Corporation / Reference Thermometers www. *See technical manual for sample interval details by sensor type and number of inputs. / Reference. Thermometers. Fluke Corporation. Hart Scientific Division. E. Utah Valley Drive. American Fork, Utah Ph: Your Fluke and thermometer readout is a handheld, battery operated Use this instrument only as specified in this manual, otherwise the protection.

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And Accuracies rtd Digital Communication Interface Steps 38 through 42 apply to the only.


Details on performing each of the tests can be found in the subsequent section of this document. Figure 15 12v Dc Power Source Polarity Page 71 The example shows the return data. This op- tion is available when the selected channel is reading PRTs or thermistors. As Found Data Quick Start Setup 2 Quick Start 2.

Clear the event registers and the error queue.

Fluke 1523 Technical Manual

Each data line includes the default or user defined demand log description, the channel number, the primary value and units, and on the the time and date. Parts, product repairs, and services are warranted for 90 days.


Return the SCPI version number. 15524 CR and a new line LF command. Figure 4 Keys Return the present serial port baud rate setting. This feature is available in model only.

A Warning identifies conditions and actions that pose hazard s to the user; a Caution identifies conditions and actions that may damage the instrument being used. All specifications assume a five minute warm up period MyFlukeStore 1. Table 26 Standard Reference Resistor Specification Numeric intervals are expressed in seconds.

As Left Test Data If a command with a value of 2 is used on awhich has only one probe, a command error occurs and the command is ignored. Query the ADJ values for the range by sending the following Command: Figure 9 Menu flluke The following flow charts sum- marizes the process.

, Technical Guide

In this mode, the resistance in Ohms for the temperature measurement appears on the top of the display. Page 75 1 not inserted bit 1: Calculate the average and the standard deviation of the measurements taken in step 1, including the Channel T2 data.


If the AC adapter becomes damaged, have it replaced mznual. Page 69 Delete all entries from the demand log. Page Before using any cleaning or decontamination method except those recommended by Fluke, users should check with an Fluoe Service Center to ensure that the pro- posed method will not damage the equipment.

Fluke Hart Scientific Technical Manual pages reference thermometer. Table 9 Ohms Measurement, Thermistor Fluke infrared thermometer users manual hvacpro 22 pages.

The response is the present baud rate setting.

1523, 1524 Technical Guide

X manuual which ADJ value for that range, 1 or 2 Average is the average of the 40 measured samples at one reference point. For Like Probes only.

They offer accuracy, portability, and speed for nearly every field calibration application. Figure 9 Menu cont Table 9 Ohms Measurement, Rtds