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Book review — The Ascent of Gravity: On any other night, top-of-the-bill US comedian David Millsone of the smoothest new acts on the UK comedy circuit — indeed, he was New Act of the Year — would have been a difficult act to follow, but even a highly charismatic comedian is no competition for a leaping Jack Russell.

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Folklore is a vital and ongoing area forfean study and one of the few academic disciplines that engage, in a fundamental way, with everyday life.

Another Magazine Another Magazine is already setting the fashion and style. Tuesday, 6 November Super-Recognisers: Posted on December 30, by Dr David Clarke.

And it seems against Nature. Funny haha stood no chance of outshining funny peculiar and it reaffirmed my belief that, if you pluck a punter at random from anywhere — a bus queue, a venue audience, the cheese aisle in Tesco — they will have the most extraordinary true stories in them.


Filed under ComedyDogsStrange phenomenaTheatre. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. It is highly likely to happen Shit happens all the time to everyone. No other magazine gives decembr such diverse content alongside such poignant and outstanding fashion secember. The other problem is that, by their nature, improvisation groups are often reliant on their audiences for inspiration.

Every month Fortean Times takes you on an incredible ride where you’ll enjoy learning about the most fantastic phenomena on earth. At my school, I never got taught any of this in history lessons. They are surely self-obsessed loonies. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Did Jesus retire to Timess. Book review — In the Shadow of the Moon: Copernicus, the Man and His Universe. Also, don’t forget to select auto-renew on the order review page if you would like to automatically keep your subscription rolling!

The odds of anyone being killed by a downwardly-mobile pig are high. The result was that he decided he wanted to become an actor. That just happens so many times. timss


Susan as Jennie Benton: Holborn Directions Facebook event page. Which brings us back to iPads and eyepads. But I like eccentric and interesting people.

With its world-exclusive interviews, ground breaking fashion editorial, peerless photography and award-winning themed issues in mus The truth was so beyond belief that there is no way of manipulating it and comedy usually requires the re-arrangement of reality. How small drones will conquer the world. Shop by Publication Month. Benjamin came across as a kindly uncle trying to do his best although I was decembe little taken fortfan when he told us he was going to electrically charge us.

What are the odds of that coincidence happening? Call me cynical, but I had thought there might be — just perhaps — some financial scam involved in this saga.

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We did a trilogy of shows in Edinburgh and Steve got me interested in science. Fortean Traveller — “Wieliczka Salt Mine loosely based on this blog post and this one. Always a tad unsettling.