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I usually prefer the typical alpha male in my hero, but Robert leaned more toward the beta until the end of the book where he was forced to go all alpha on a couple of apes who hurt the heroine. I wasn’t expecting him to play the self-centered oblivious cad who wants his cake and eat it too.

He said he loved her over and over again, then agreed to gealen a seventeen-year-old deaf girl, insisting on keeping Belinda as his mistress. The characters weren’t bad and it wasn’t a bad story line. That’s what happened with this one. Maria rated it gelen was ok Apr 02, He didn’t deserve the heroine.

If it matters, well, then maybe you need to re-examine your intentions. I found that scene contrived and out of character for her given her past experience with a brutal man and her innocence in all sexual acts.

Seductora inocencia/ The Duke

It was here, while studying the Romantic poets, such as Wordsworth, Byron, and Keats that she first fell in love with the Regency period in which her novels are set. I’m not sure she did. How perfect that a man is paying for a woman to have sex with, and tells her, “no, no that’s okay”. It is always a romanticized version of a kept-woman or mistress; no street-walkers, doxies or gin-hounds inhabit the pages of historical romance novels.

She has a very heartbreaking backstory! Acaba de perder a su mujer a la que, desde la distancia, amaba. One of Mrs Giggles’ reviews of a Gaelen Foley book says that the “characters don’t seem to behave like consistent people as much as they are acting according to the requirements of the plot”, and that pretty much sums it folye for the heroine of this book as well.


Gaelen Foley has written some good stories but none have overly wowed me until this one. Foley gives us a taste of the rest of the Knight family, just enough to make the reader want to collect all the books in the series!

Society can be very cruel and judgmental to women, where men can get away with almost anything. Debolsillo December 30, Language: I haven’t read very many courtesan novels, but boy was this wonderful and nontraditional!

It simply was different than what one might expect from a romance with this theme. Ayyyyyy, ahora como os explico los sentimientos que me ha producido este libro. And certainly not put a monetary value on things too precious to be treated that way. It was so unique! Bel will be Hawk’s mistress for appearances only. He had been blind, but he could see it all so clearly now— what he had lost. I actually remember their names. Thanks to an interesting chain of events and revelations, Hawkscliffe and Bel find themselves working together to reach their goals, in a story that runs the gamut of emotions.

A personal opinion that if a woman is raped then they are not going to jump into becoming a courtesan or into b My biggest problem with this book were that at times it was just unrealistic. She had so many wonderful qualities, it wasn’t difficult to see why Robert would fall in love with her. She is a wonderful, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, kind woman – who due to very unfortunate circumstances, none of her fault, finds herself “ruined. He makes the kinds of mistakes that all men make.

I really felt his actions in the second half were completely inconsistent and out of character to the kind of man he is. At this time she’s only been ‘taught’ what to do by Harriet Wilson the courtesan who took her under her wing.


She cuddled up with him and rubbed his head and even gave him head but still was terrified of sex when the plot called for it. Honestly, I would never term this book angsty.

Seductora inocencia (Miscelánea Knight, #1) by Gaelen Foley (2 star ratings)

H Belinda is a sweet, intelligent, enchanting heroine with a spine of steel determined filey survive as long as she is honorable.

I will definitely be adding them to my list of “Super Couples” in books! A Pennsylvania native, Gaelen holds a B.

Big 5 stars from this devoted romance reader!

Seductora Inocencia by Gaelen Foley – Hardcover MINT

She is hard at work on her next book. A Pennsylvania native, Gaelen holds a B. Someway, somehow she managed to take a theme that I’m not in love with and write a beautiful love story that I will treasure for a long time. The courtesan is never really a courtesan; she is almost always forced into it due to c 4. The hero frustrated the hell out of me, but heaven help me, I was besotted just as she was.

Seductora Inocencia by Gaelen Foley – Hardcover MINT | eBay

I did like the twists about Lucy and found Doulf a good villain. His reputation, his position xeductora politics, his family’s legacy relies on him to do the right thing by marrying someone within fley peerage. There is always something happening, but it’s like reading a report: Angsty, full of emotion, a historical Pretty Woman. What I liked most about her was that in spite of being the victim of rape and several unethical schemes she never allowed herself to be victimized.