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After the martyrdom of Amirul-Momineen, he remained attached to Imam Hassan and later after the martyrdom of Imam Hassan, he remained devoted to Husayn. This masjid is in ruins and is still used as a pilgrimage site by Muslims.


Shabeeb a liberated slave of Hars-e-Jabiri-e-Hamadani: They came form Kufa and offered themselves for noble cause and achieve martyrdom. A very pious devotee of Ameerul Momineen. He was the one who carried the message of exhortation from the Holy Imam to shahesdan Sa’d in Karbala. Member feedback about Ganj-e-Shaheedan Mosque: Othman bin Ali ibne Abi Taleb: When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw the courage of this young fighter, he ordered his troops to attack him in force.

He was the one who came to the Holy Imam begging most humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Lord and shahsedan his face to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment.


Also included are the people who were martyred for the same cause before the incident of Karbala. A noble and very influential ahaheedan in Kufa uniquely brave.

Abbas is well-known to the Muslim World for the unique divine qualities he was endowed with. These twin brothers had come from Kufa employed in the forces of the Devil to fight Husayn. Aun was her own son and Muhammad was from the deceased wife Shaheedannof her husband Abdullah bin Jaffar Tayyar.

Ganj-e-Shaheedan Mosque | Revolvy

Munjeh–the liberated slave of the Second Holy Imam Hassan: A truthful and a very reliable gentlemen. The Holy Lady Zainab s. The son of a liberated slave girl of Husayn This lady, after having been liberated by the holy Imam, was married to a gentlemen and brought her son Qarib and presented him to the Holy Imam and Qarib was brought up by the Holy Imam.

One of the devotees of Amirul-Momineen who came for Basra. The Turkish liberated slave of Harse Madhaji. Along with him three others from the enemy’s ranks joined the Holy Imam.

One of those who carried the letters of the devotees to the Holy Imam. The Banner being the Standard of Truth is only revered and respected and never worshipped as wrongly imagined and depicted by some ignorant ones. O you who believe! Abdul Rahman bin Aqeel ibne Abi Taleb.


Jaun bin Malike Tameemi: I want to see them go out there and defend Islam.

He had come to Kufa from Madina, and joined the Holy Imam. Amru bin Hassan Talee: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Of the tribe of Bani Tameem. This great lion-hearted son of the Lion of God in his qualities and position in Karbala, is next only to the Holy Imam Husayn.

Abdullah ibne Husayn, known as Ali-e-Asghar: A cousin of Zohair al Qain. History Geographic shhaheedan Shamsabad is situated latitude Imam Hussain, Abbas and Qasim, stood by Zainab as she watched her sons fighting.

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They had learnt the art of fencing from their uncle, Abbas the brave. He was martyred along with the other devotees, offering himself in the way of the Lord. Salim the liberated slave of Bani Madinatul Kalbi: God be with you!