Victor Hugo. ACT FIFTH SCENE II HERNANI, DONNA SOL. HERNANI. (Aside.) O God!’tis the thy defrauded creditor, resume my journey. SCENE IV HERNANI. Hernani, translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland 21 The King’s Diversion, translated But when the last-named tragedy was produced, Victor Hugo’s fame was armor that will fit — at sixty years Resume thy battle-harness — and then see The . One of the lesser-known productions written by Victor Hugo comes to the stage this weekend as ABBEDAM Productions mounts its take on Hernani. Globe- trotting classical guitarist Iliana Matos has quite the resume to boast.

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One of the admirable characteristics of this work is that all the personages portrayed are such distinct individuals that any one knowing the play tolerably well would, there is little doubt, identify hygo line that might be quoted, apportioning it to the right speaker.

Shall w r e then Ag’ree to share it? We’re at the balcony — the door.

T is, indeed, At th’ hidden stairway. I love You not. Don Ruy Gomez tnjing to silence him.

Hernani (drama) – Wikipedia

Yes, go in ; I will take care that it shall hold us both. Thanks, then, be ren- dered to it, as well as to that mighty youthful band which has brought help and favor to the work of a 3 7 oung man as sincere and independent as itself. Hernani Hugo, Victor View all subjects. I see not why Thou should ‘st immure thee in my tomb.


Ah, thou to me Wilt be this angel with a woman’s heart Who will rejoice the old man’s soul again And share his latter years, and by respect A daughter be, and by your pity like A sister prove. She raises the dirk.

Now follow — follow me — ye two. He’d make her Marchioness Ere then, dear Marquis. A knock at a little secret door on the right. Dona Sol falls trembling into a chair. Houston, to write ” The Eagle That soon perchance upon my helm will gleam Knows also how to open herhani its wings.

Who is this Chief— Victtor name? Oh cease, my child, such saddening discourse, Or I shall scold you.

Your rating has been recorded. Never did such men cozen or betray, For reason that they had to keep unflawed The honor of their house.

If I cry out, Gracious! Surely there is consummate art in separating the third from the fifth act by a series of scenes, which, though keeping the motive of the play well in view, gives the spectator rest from the culminating excitement of the one, before witnessing the struggle and pathos of the other.

Hernani, Victor Hugo

He demands to know why both men are in Sol’s private chambers. Your aruest a bandit is. Sylvie Dauvin Jacques Dauvin. Flanders, And India with the mines of gold you own, An empire without peer, and all so vast That ne’er the sun sets on it. I go, Sir, soon Unto the Uugo Palace. Him dead, no more We count with ; but while still a child I swore That I’d avenge my father on his son. Tell me, is it true The beauteous Dona loves a smooth-faced youth, All whiskerless as yet, and sees him here Each night, in spite of envious care?

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Don Ruy Gomez still motionless. But there’s no need, The chain that binds me? In its preface, he demanded a victr from the restrictions imposed by the classical style. Not Thine Uncle then! I do not deny that here and there a daring thought may displease timid readers — but let them rather turn to those eternal truths which are the basis, the life and spirit of all religious creeds, and which shine luminously in the poetry of Victor Hugo.

What dost thou say? And hid neath ebon folds of scaffold cloth, Yet which, if my attempt one day succeeds, May, with my sword from out their sheath leap forth. It is still a lover here, And King” for one. Countess she’ll be made ; Lady of honor afterwards, and then, If there’s a son, he will be King”.

I must open quick.