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IEC the Standard Jointed Test Finger Probe B. IP2X Protection Probe. 1. Conforms to: Standard IEC , IEC , IRAM. IEC Test Probe 13 Meets IEC CSA & UL Requirements, Supplier Wholesale Precision Test Probes IEC Short Probe Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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IEC 61032 Test Pin

Our products enhance good selling at home and abroad, and have established supply relationships with a number of well-known companies. Model Iecc Test Wire. UL Test Rod Probe. It is also used to verify the protection against access with a finger. Product Details This pin is used on appliances for verifying that there is no access to hazardous live parts of heating elements which could be touched accidentally by a tool i.

EN IEC It is extremely durable and is provided with continuity provision to the tip. Satisfies basic standard for telecom product safety. Our company introduced advanced equipment, combined with the most advanced technology production processes, strict quality control system to control the entire process of production.

Product Details Used for assessing the risk of neck entrapment in v-shaped openings in medical beds. NIST tracealbe certificate is included.

IEC | IEC Webstore

Also used to verify the protection against access with a tool. Product Details Used to verify the protection of persons against access to hazardous parts.


True color liquid crystal display 7 Inch Touch screen Auxiliary mechanism: This probe is intended to verify the basic protection against access to hazardous parts. Uncertainty measurement data is available separately.

This test finger probe consists of dito,finger,base and insulated handle which simulates the characteristics of the human hand. Others maintain that the tip needs to be more rigid, because of the cutting blades. Aluminum Box Delivery Time: Unit comes with NIST traceable certificate and cases are avaiable. Product Details This probe is intended to verify the basic protection against access to hazardous parts. Guangzhou Hongce Equipment Co. The test hook is hooked into vents and seams in the enclosure and then pulled with a force usually 20N.

Rigid Finger Probe TH NIST traceable certificates are included. Product Details Used to verify protection against access to hazardous parts by use of a tool through holes which give access to pre-set controls.

Damaged probes should be discarded — only undamaged probes should be used to insure reliable test results.

Product Details The rubber accessibility probe is intended for testing accessibility on modular jacks per Section 20 of the Standard for Communications-Circuit Accessories, UL This product is used with TFP as an accessory.

It checks the security of parts that iex together. Probe Kits offer substantial cost savings not to mention added convenience. IEC Clause The spring loading in the handle can be calibrated to the force necessary to use the instrument.


Made entirely of nickel-plated steel.

5.6 mm Small Children Test Finger Probe IEC 61032

A special disk for the metal finger is also required by GR requirements. This product includes certificate of calibration.

Palm simulator and restricted joint movement simulates human finger movement. It includes the following: Product Details Used to verify the protection of persons against access to hazardous live parts of electrical toys. The Test Finger must be purchased seperately!

Sphere is hardened steel with chrome finish. Product Details Designed for testing against ingress of small rodents. Product Details For testing enclosure rigidity in accordance with clause 8.

IEC EN This probe meets the specifications as shown in Fig. Product Details Several Different accessibility probe kits are 6032 for specific standards. The wire is made of stainless steel.

Accessibility Probes — Mechanical Lab and Product Safety Probes

Complies with UL Standards. This underscores their lack of knowledge of the requirements as you do not perform the test with the unit energized!

This exclusive new design is high-precision machined of aluminum with a stainless steel tip.