Check out this Script reader who passed on THE INBETWEENERS! AKA one of the biggest cult British TV comedies ever. Where did they go. A script for the forthcoming Inbetweeners movie has allegedly been leaked. The Sun claims to have read the screenplay for the E4 comedy’s. The Inbetweeners is an award-winning comedy series airing on the British TV channel E4. It is based on the lives of four teenage boys in their last years of.

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Oh you’d like my lip wouldnt you, right round your bell end! What a waste of a weekend. Going by the name of DJ Big Inbbetweeners. Yeah, but what if she wasn’t? What sort of camp have we come to?

Just something to soak up the alcohol. One good thing is we’ve learned the Caravan Club is shit and that Jay is a liar. I’m wearing a gym skirt.

I’m not sure what we learned from this whole sorry episode, apart from – never take advice from Jay – But Jay said – Jay said what? Yeah, it’s wet here as well. To be fair, they’ve now got a Nando’s. It’s a pretty good car. Your ride for the evening is here. I’ve lined Simon up with a svript, Dad. And I want this cleaned now. It’s much better than when I was going out. Well sounds like they are thrill seekers too. Yeah, not too bad. svript


The Inbetweeners Episode Scripts

Jay takes a bag and opens it Jay: Rent boys don’t come cheap. He fell for it. Look, I promise you that onbetweeners you go back from this place you’ll be begging your parents to buy a caravan. Nah, she’s older than that.

But really it’s all about the birds.

The Inbetweeners, Series 1 Quotes

How fast can this thing go, then, do you reckon? Sense of freedom you don’t get with other holidays. We should get to know each other first, shouldn’t we? So, no birds love that, then. What’s in all the bags then? Hes got his hand on her tit!! Thank you, Dr Dolittle. Bean Game of Thrones.


Smiley with a wink. Thanks so much, mate. Yeah, it’s well nice! She wanked me off a few times. I mean come on, we’re young, let’s have some fun and then fall exhausted into each other’s arms. No Neil got some. She’s about inbetweendrs, Jay.


Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis Oh, and he’s also buying a jumbo pack of ribbed johnnies. You’re more likely to get somewhere with a inbetweenerx, cos they’re grateful for the attention. I’ve had enough of your lip! You got any action? I’m not getting back in the spunkmobile. It’s a sense of freedom you don’t get with other holidays.

I told her not to come and pick me up. Will soon finds himself battling with the lads to do something cultural, whilst they focus their attention on drinking, girls, and annoying fellow travelers.

You’re dressed like Harry Potter. Can I get you some more hummous, William? I already told you, it’s not like that.

Sir, that’s not fair! Good, now Donovan’s in trouble. It’s the perfect combination.

Might be a bit early in the relationship for that, Neil. See you soon, Mr Cartwright. All right, I’ve put, “Can’t wait to meet up. Shagged her and her sister, have you?