Intel (i) is an enhanced version of Intel microprocessor. According to Intel’s datasheet some microprocessors could operate in industrial. The Intel (i) is a 4-bit microprocessor introduced in by Intel as a successor to the Intel The i Datasheet. The Intel microprocessor was a revised and extended version of the Intel Datasheet ยท Intel MCS Prototype System Summary.

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Fetch indirect from ROM. The 4 bit contents of index register 7 are logically “AND-ed” with the accumulator.

Write the contents of the accumulator into the previously selected RAM status character 1. The idea was that any mission-critical context should be kept in the first 8, as when an interrupt occurred it datasgeet not only vatasheet an exception handler address onto the stack but also switch Index Register banks, automatically preserving that state until datashret handler returned control to the normal program flow – assuming, of course, you hadn’t already deliberately swapped banks in order to make use of the additional internal memory space.

The 4 bit contents of index register 4 are logically “OR-ed” with the accumulator. Converts the contents of the accumulator from a one out of four code to a binary code. The data is available on the output pins until a new WRR is executed on the same chip.

This allows saving the command register values before processing the interrupt. The first commercial product to use a microprocessor was the Busicom calculator PF.


The 4 bits of status character 1 from the previously selected RAM register are transferred to the accumulator. He also had the crucial knowledge of the new silicon gate process technology with self-aligned gateswhich he had created at Fairchild in Thefabricated using pMOST technology, introduced a small set of additional instructions, a larger call stack, a larger register fileand interrupt capabilities.

This article is still a stub and needs your attention.

The 2nd word represents 8 bits of data which are loaded into the designated index register pair. The content of the designated index register is incremented by 1.

cpu Intel datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The data present at the input lines of the previously selected ROM chip is transferred to the accumulator. Address 6, 84 loaded into PC; contents of SRC register sent out and the index register bank selection is restored.

UV-erased rather than electronically, and is again intended for use with theas it has separate, 8-bit parallel, address input and data output buses. The content of the accumulator is incremented by 1. A more efficient addition routine might have been possible on the vs thebut the extra instructions don’t suggest any obvious method for achieving this and appear to be focussed on addressing the earlier chip’s more obvious shortcomings, e.

The 3 for of 7 for registers in the address register other than the program counter. The following symbols and abbreviations will be used throughout the next few sections: National Semiconductor was a second source manufacturer of theunder their part number INS The 8 bit content of the designated index register pair is loaded into the low order 8 positions of the program counter.


Intel 4040

The package size was intell increased to 24 pins. Write the contents of the accumulator into the previously selected RAM status character 2. Intel The ceramic C variant.

The is part of the Intel MCS chipset. Jntel accumulator content is written into the previously selected RAM main memory character location. These are the new instructions which have been added to the The ceramic C variant without grey traces.

The also introduced interrupt support. They invented the Microcontroller”.

Intel 4004

A making use of two s could offer various combinations of ROM and RAM in 2KB segments up to 8KB total with a relatively simplistic segregated addressing scheme and a small number of s and s, e.

This bank is selected with reset. Index registers 0 – 7, 8 – 15 will be available for program use. The new chip included a much larger stack 7 levels instead of 4. Interview for the Center for the History of Electrical Engineering.