Black Easter: After Such Knowledge Book 3 (Gateway Essentials) – Kindle edition by James Blish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. why, by the twenty-first century, the name James Blish just might occur to the average day, Black Easter might also be grouped with Blish’s five more or less. A gripping story about primal evil: a sinister intermingling of power,politics, modern theology, the dark forces of necromancy, and what proves, all too terribly, not.

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It has principles, as though it were a science or a code of law. Meet detached, punctilious Evil?

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Blish isn’t being campy, or playing it for laughs. The sequel is The Day After Judgment. I read this, not expecting to be terrified. A nice touch is the way he’s still stuck in the medieval mind-set he acquired during his formative years; there’s a fun scene where he’s copying out the latest discoveries on quasars into his huge illuminated manuscript, using a goose-quill pen.

He cannot take up this throne and must hand the burning keys to man, as this is the most fell of all his fell damnations. Blish with his story, More Light, and I was extremely impressed then.

Black Easter (After Such Knowledge, #2) by James Blish

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. How is that possible? Undeniably downbeat at the end, these two volumes skip through descriptions of magical ritual, demonic emergence and play and the arrival of the City of Dis with wit and aplomb.


Ware blaci contacted by a billionaire arms dealer, Baines, and they start cooking up a deal. Preview saved Save Preview View Synopsis.

Also, for some odd reason, there are no female characters to speak of in either novel. I also wish Blish had expanded on the state of affairs in Heaven, but because he was going for a shocking concluding line I suppose that wasn’t, in his mind, possible.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After Such Knowledge 4 books. However, the defeat of Satan is complete. A man hires a Black Magician to open the gates of hell and let all the demons out for one night.

I had read it years ago and did not keep it. Yurifreak rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Clarke and Robert A. Oct 10, David rated it liked it Shelves: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Blish also wrote novelizations of Star Trek episodes.

By creating this scenario, Blish calls into question the inherent conflict of ceremonial magic as noted by A.

The Fall of Reach.

Retro-Forteana: Black Easter

I actually really liked this and couldn’t put it down. Refresh and try again. The ending is abrupt, and not nearly as satisfying as rest of the novel, but it’s a fun book, and a very original appr This is a great little book Finish that story before it fully ends? In a biographical piece, “The Development of a Science Fiction Writer,” he explains how all this came about.


Kent State University Press. In the jwmes book, a wealthy arms manufacturer comes to a black magicianTheron Ware, with a strange request: His title for the trilogy was “After Such Knowledge,” a phrase pulled from the writings of T. A reviewer of Black Easter said, of the book’s California governor “Rogan”: Retrieved from ” https: This website uses cookies to ensure you get blis best experience on our website. The ending is abrupt, and not nearly as satisfying as rest of the novel, but it’s a fun book, and a very original approach to the subject matter.

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I never found it scary, nor was scared for the characters, and the ending, which I thought predictable, didn’t have much impact upon me. At first what would seem to be an uneasy mix turns out to be a refreshing and interesting interpretation of the various rituals and spells discussed in the grimoires and religious texts scattered throughout history. Apr 21, Scott Ferry rated it it was amazing.

Kabbalistic, in general Jewish mysticism is used as the foundation for all daster the magic incantations in the book, but there is also signs of more Medieval superstitious beliefs about them.