Have you ever desired, deep within your soul, to make a comfortable full-time living from a farming enterprise? Too often people dare not even vocalize this. You Can Farm is probably the Joel Salatin book that kicked off more future farmers than any other, and I have to include us in that count. We recently finished reading Joel Salatin’s You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and $ucceed in a Farming Enterprise. It’s a good.

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This book gave me all the realistic pros and cons of the farming life style, this book addresses everything from your farming philosophy down to the the tools you will need to get started. Feb 25, Chak rated it liked it Shelves: I loved the book, and would read it again.

The reason this brought the book down a star or two for me were two-fold: And then he van how to do it all, step by step.

Hardly surprising joeel the man who was quoted as saying, “What do we need a New York City for? Excusing farm smells with that euphemistic “fresh country air” business is ridiculous. The author Joel Salatin has the right idea of what farming should and can cam like, he stresses working with nature on your farm and not trying to fight against it, he emphasizes the opportunities of a grass based farm and how you can limit your animals feed consumption, and save money to generate more profits.

This book was the breakthrough, for us.

You Can Farm – Polyface Farms

This book was not only a great pleasure to read, I found it exciting and wonderfully engaging. He and his family enjoy working at it, and have a solid base of satisfied customers. Salatin gives a great, fair, and balanced overview of farming. Salatin isn’t very critical of the capitalist system at all because he sees it as his own means. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It was easy for me to romanticize the idea of having a farm. Salatin clearly feels that his politics and his farm are two inseparable entities, and I honestly can’t fault him for that. Your Successful Farm Business.


Joel Salatin is an American farmer who raises livestock using holistic management methods of animal husbandry. Coupled with unequivocal endorsements of almost every spurious, new age, anti-scientific crap you can think of, this book became quite tiresome.

If you have no land, you can purchase grow lights, get rid of the TV, and turn the family room into a multi-tiered garden, even if it only produces fresh salad greens for your table It’s an excellent book, and I’m very much looking forward to reading Salatin’s other books.

Salatin has create the perfect beginners “textbook. As the industrial agriculture complex crumbles and our culture clambers for clean food, the countryside beckons anew with profitable farming opportunities.

It’s just not feasible to rent farmland 30 miles away for raising animals that need tended a couple times van day. It takes too much capital to start.

You Can Farm

Skip out on the. Overall, I would say most of the advice here is still quite applicable For those looking to get a sample of Joel, there is an extensive YouTube selection to choose from. Read this book in year three of our farm journey. Salatin focuses on raising livestock, but makes sure to point out many other enterprises that he’s seen work just as well even though he doesn’t have as much personal experience in them. As the industrial agriculture complex crumbles and our culture clambers for clean food, the countryside beckons anew with profitable farming opportunities.

His opinions can be very helpful and educational, but some of them like his disdain for “city people,” some of his politics, or his opinions on how useless sports like little league is for children for example, can be off-putting.

If you want to learn about someone who truly understands concepts like animal husbandry and enriching the land, you must read this book. Though it seems to come from a genuinely good place, Salatin’s religion is about as naive as one can imagine; I laughed out loud during his discussion of why it isn’t a problem to kill animals for food: He has chapters on diversity, land, water, feed, equipment, neighborliness, communication, and anything else you could imagine.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Those were some of the happiest times of my life, along with family vacations and days on the lake in Dad’s boat. He tries, in You Can Farm to tell other people how to do it, too. Land ownership is NOT the place to start; often it is the worst place to start.


For someone equipped with an apparently discerning mind, Salatin seems to have done very little serious investigation into matters beyond his own strikingly simplistic worldview. There’s a little bit of kooky stuff in the main part of the book e. Anyone willing to dance with such a dream should be able to assess its assets and liabilities; its fantasies and realities.

The pay is too low. June 1, ISBN: Too often people dare not even vocalize this desire because it seems absurd. At the same time, he’s realistic about the hard work, persistence, and creativity needed to succeed.

I think that is the most valuable part of this book — to be convinced full-time farming for income is NOT for you if it truly is not for you — it can save you from making a very expensive, time consuming, and devastating mistake.

While this book can be helpful to all farmers, it targets the wannabes, the folks ccan actually entertain notions of cab, loving and learning on a piece of land.

He advocates renting land first to make sure you can actually make money from a piece of land before spending all your money buying some. I am not a believer in “trade-off” mentality. Want to Read saving….

I had previously heard of his farm, but didn’t know much about it. Joel’s an entertaining writer, but for those who don’t have time to read it, here’s what I got from it in a nutshell: At times, Salatin incorporates enough of his own philosophy to make wary readers consider a second opinion–which is fortunate, if inadvertent–but the main theme of the farming part is happily focused on permaculture principles.

Jul 20, Claudia Yahany rated it really liked it. But for farm entrepreneurs, the opportunities for a farm family business have never been greater.