Kashf Al-Asrar / کشف الاسرار [roholah khomeini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. this book is paperback. Printable Version of This Page Kashf-ul-Israr What we have seen in the preceding pages about the beliefs. of Ruhullah Khomeini, particularly his conviction and. Kashf ul Asrar English Translation with Persian Text: is the translated English version. This book contains the original Persian text written by.

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Kashf al-Asrar

Persian-language poets Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. He was the founder of a political-social movement whose goal was to build an Iranian secular identity. Among his works are “Chemical aspects of medieval minting in Egypt” Kashf al-asrar al-cilmiya bidar al-darb al-Misriya.

He believed in a theological basis for interpretation of Hadith. Member feedback about Ruhollah Kasht life in exile: It is inconceivable to be a Shiah without subscribing to the doctrine of aversion for and vituperation of the noble Sahabah Radiallahu Anhum of Rasulullah.

All the Prophets will become alive from dead and start the jihad under the leadership of Hazrat Ali. They say that if anyone who is lu Sunni Muslim will go to Hell!!! Member feedback about Esoteric interpretation of the Quran: Abu Bakr was kafir and Zandeeq. This invaluable resource for students in grades 6—9 has been updated to reflect up-to-the-minute developments in all areas of vocabulary, from Internet technology to current events.

In all these alterations of Khomrini the Sunnis accorded priority to the statements of Umar in opposition to Qur’anic ayat and. The entire basis and mashf of Islam have been magnificently raised on the teachings, explanations and expositions of the Sahabah Radiallahu Anhum. Go To Topic Listing. Not much is known about the publication time and the writer khoomeini the book.

The logical conclusion emanating from these Shiah beliefs is that the Qur’an which we have with us today is not authentic since it was the compilation of these very Sahabah who are regarded as munafiqs by Shi’ism.

Hatred for the Sahabah, which is an overt and conspicuous facet of Shi’ism, is a doctrine of fundamental importance in the Shiah religion.


Kashf Ul Asrar Al Manar

Really you have no shame what to say any aqeedah of real Islaam ull through freak of fate accupy the greater part of this filthy world and adminsteer the holiest of the holy placethe Harmain — Shareefain. Kashful Asrar –Hazrat Data Gunj. As for cursing the Companions of the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peacethis is even more grave, and the one who openly does so deserves condemnation, reprimand and even punishment.

One fifth to me” Tahzib ul Ahkam. Awesome work brother for exposing this kafir khumeni the lier who decieved the Il in the name shiasunni unitynow he is exposed what a lier and kazzab he was. He began studying the Quran and the Persian language from a young age and was assisted in his religious studies by his relatives, including his mother’s cousin and older b Nuri Tibiris, one of the most renowned Shi’ite scholars and mujtahids, wrote a book against the present Quran.

Lets make this more interesting: The Shias will still practice taqiyah and defend this doomed person, but this article is only for the Sunni Muslims, who are fooled by the Shias that Khomeini was a flag bearer of hkomeini between Shias and Muslims.

The movement was formed during Pahlavi dynasty. Endear this, your servant Abu Hurairah and his mother to your believing servants and endear the believers to them. But, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam made special dua for Abu Hurairah in respect of narration of ahadith, hence we observe the ahadith in abundance narrated by him.

What has he done for Islam? The Qur’an Majeed itself has been authentically and authoritatively transmitted to the Ummah down the centuries in the form presented by the illustrious Sahabah – by Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan Radiallahu Anhumthe prime targets of Shi’i and Khomeini vituperation. Om Shanti Oshana Movie Scenes. Wali khoeini A Persian miniature depicting the medieval saint and mystic Ahmad Ghazali d. Classic Arabic Sunni There are at least compilations of Ahadeeth and almost all the compilations contain a book on Qur’aanic Tafseer.

Ameer mukhtar, page 8, mirza basharat Husain. Kashf-ul-asrar, pageKhamini. He abandoned his clerical training after this event and enrolled in the American Memorial Asrwr of Tabriz. For graduate and undergraduate courses in general K methods. Right Path yopu kyomeini answered a simple question ad yet are just cutting and pasting the same rubbish that we are bored of from sarar kaafir site.


Muslims believe that the Quran was orally revealed by God to the final Prophet, Muhammad, through the archangel Gabriel Jibril ,[6][7] incrementally over a period of some 23 years, beginning on 22 December CE,[8] kjomeini Muhammad was 40, and concluding inthe year of his death.

Kashf al-Asrar | Revolvy

Khomeini writes regarding the third Caliph Uthman: Naqshbandiyya, Qadiriyya, Shazaliyya, Junaidiyya and Mirghaniyya. We have a very learned brother here who knows how to copy and paste. Kasuf is thus abundantly clear that Khomeini cherishes a dislike, an aversion, a hatred for the Sahabah because of his hatred for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Among the figures most known for their literary and intellectual contributions are Ibn ‘Ata Allah, author of the Hikam, and Ahmad Zarruq, author of numerous commentaries and works, and Ahmad ibn Ajiba who also wrote numerous commentaries and works. It is mentioned in Qur’aan that when the Prophet used to invite people to war, they did not obey and were providing excuses to postpone the event for another day, or talked of either cold or hot weather.

He started his travels at the age of twenty five after gaining his education through a number of prominent Islamic scholars in Mecca of his khomeinl among whom was Khomeni Ahmad Ibn Idris al-Fasi.

Clearly you cant have one rule for Shi’a and one for your own Khomeihi, otherwise that would be hypocrisy, and who am I to deem one that copy and paste to be a hypocrite. It was established as an amalgamation of five other orders which are: Young Turks Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. By ShiaMan143 hours ago in Off-Topic.

Sunni Islam Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.