Even for people with normally happy lives, there come times when the everyday seems just a little boring and, well, everyday. Although it’s certainly nice to be. Kokology Quiz – Have fun:) A Desert Journey Waiting can be a special form of torture, worse than any momentary pain. The combination of frustration and. When we set out to develop Kokology, our first and foremost goal was to make it fun. After all, who in their right mind would want to play a game that isn’t?.

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This person is your best friend. How high is that fence? Your month of birth? But those who described a long staircase leading deep into the earth carry correspondingly deep wounds inside.

Kokology quiz: A day at the Beach – The Game Of Self Discovery

On a stroll through the countryside, you come across quix field of delicious-looking strawberries. The time you spend waiting in line reveals how much time you spend, orwould like our partner to spend, on foreplay. You are walking along a quiet beach. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: First, I’m male, and the surf board I imagined was old and busted and had moss all over the edges. Post a new comment. Write your answers on a piece of paper and NO cheating!


The words you spoke to the camel reveal what you might say to yourself when you realize love has been lost. People who said there were only a few stairs feel little adverse effect from the past. Person calling out my name — Gandalf.

Take a moment to prepare yourself, and eternal desert Your reaction to the sounds in the darkness shows how you deal with the painful aspects of your own past. What do you shout or scream at this instant? S-Z You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.

You can also share your answers by leaving a comment. Post a new comment.

The Game Of Self Discovery

The time has come to part with the camel you have ridden for so long. Jot down your answers to the following questions: Name another person in your life. The ups and downs of a roller-coaster ride are an exact metaphor for the thrills and lulls of lovemaking. If you were born: Yellow — You are very happy person and gibe good advice to those who are down.


Kokology quiz – The Ride of Your Life – Do this; it’s awesome!

Kokology Quiz kolology Have fun: Time passes slowly in the desert, and it feels like an eternity before the lights of a town appear on the horizon. You have ridden until you are near exhaustion. Email required Address never made public. Was it a long, slow ascent followed by a terrifying plunge?

Those who said they heard weeping have been comforted by others in times of trouble and recovered with the help they received.

Blue — you are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from kokolog ones you love. It simply means a study of Soul or spirit. Holy Cow, I had 17 steps, weeping softly, Search out the sources, and my Dad.