I was fortunate enough to hear Laurie Hutzler speak about her character paradigm called the Emotional Toolbox. She has divided characters. The Character Map is a proven way to develop characters that have a rich compelling emotional journey and a dynamic set of internal and. Laurie Hutzler had several plays produced in regional theaters across the country .. “Laurie Hutzler’s “Emotional Toolbox: The Character Map” is constructive.

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It was brilliantly presented and provided so much food for thought both as a writer and in my role as creative consultant looking to help invigorate chafacter re-excavate long running series — in this case Casualty.

And the characters are moving, acting. It is a perfect how-to book… Bravo! ETB Screenwriting 1 week ago.

This was very helpful. They are dreamers, hutzoer and view the world as an opportunity to unify adversaries. Suddenly, there Laurie is, putting into words and a form, a brilliant, energising and meaningful method of work that has opened up and made sense of a whole world.

All the best and thank you for creating such a wonderful and lauriie tool. One Hour Screenwriter Write your screenplay in one hour a day.

These are dichotomous characters that dominate rather than submit. My characters were never in active and alive. It all apears in my script— new persons, new constellations.

Use this simple but profound tool for screenplays, teleplays or novels. The book gives me the power to sit down and do my regular writing.


I took over storyediting this week on Neighbours and while we only called lauurie your work directly twice in the room — it has been adopted by even the skeptics — which I think is hilarious. Decide for yourself– ScreenplayADay Script If you want to understand what makes a film great and you want to write a great film, Laurie Hutzler has the answers. It is a proven way to develop characters that have a rich compelling emotional journey and a dynamic set of personal conflicts.

The Character Map

It would be a great pleasure to continue the workshop with Laurie next year. The joy is to see after such a success. Lately, I have moved into film. Hutsler enlightening, entertaining and very very useful.

Laurie Hutzler had several plays produced in regional theaters across the country before landing a job as a staff writer on the cable anthology series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. See More See Less. On the opposite side, there is fear which causes conflict in the character. It was fantastic and really opened my eyes to delving deep within the characters I create. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you for the examples and tools you offer.

Joely Sue Burkhart novelist and author of: Thank you so much for being so inspiring. ETB Screenwriting 1 week ago.

It acknowledges the painful personal, uhtzler process involved in writing screenplays. I use the books and the newsletter to help brainstorm characters, traits, wants vs. The ultimate characteer of a good workshop — it kept on working after she had left the room!

Subscribe Subscribe to my blogs feed One Hour Screenwriter: Add comment Cancel Comment Name: See More See Less. They avoid intimacy and delay over making the slightest decision. So many other structured screenwriting approaches mire writers in self doubt, or are really of more use in post-facto analysis.


Laurie Hutzler

It is a deceptively simple tool with multi-faceted results. It was totally different with your method. I recommend these eBooks highly. These are young, driven, narcissistic, hard working hustlers. Many writers well understand the principle of character differentiation and character in action…but they have not been able to translate this into their screenplays.

– Screenwriting and the Character Map Questions

Great screenwriting begins with great characters. Post was not mpa – check your email addresses! Learn how to write tv show scripts by studying how the professionals do it. Of this I am deeply grateful. Also it is a great tool to build and focus on the emotional impact of a story. The skills I developed during your workshop have proved to be invaluable — especially while mapping out our new characters — so a huge thank you! I was afraid, that I am sitting again before a blank paper and I will be blocked.

The Spiritual Character Map: But there is a secret in those fortunate encounters.

And also this newsletter is well timed as I pit Natalie and Liam against each other over a broken toilet!! Laurie breaks down the screenwriting charcater into clear daily steps. Normaly I stop after the second or third day.