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15 Dec LEY, Edward P, ERA 1c, (Dev), E, 3 July LEY, J (Po), Hawke, 15 Oct LIDBITTER, Alfred H, CPO, (Po). Marco Legal del Sistema de Regulación Sectorial (SIRESE), Ley No. del Sector de Aguas, Decreto Supremo No. Instituto Nacional de Estadística. Thow shalt ley thy staff a-doun; Thow hast lenyd ther-on to longe. Alle ba lafdies leoneden seond [c leonede ouer] walles to bihalden.

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Through family allowance funds, which are financed through state and employer contributions. One hundred percent Financing of benefits Through family allowance funds, which are financed through state and employer contributions. If the woman worker is absent from her work for a period exceeding the maternity leave period because of an illness arising out of her pregnancy or confinement, she shall be entitled to sick leave for up to three months if she has worked for the same employer for less than five years and for up to six months if she has worked for the same employer for more than five years.

Pre-natal, childbirth and post-natal care during pregnancy are included in the Mandatory Medical Program of the health-care system. ILO is a specialized agency of the 2476 Nations. There are not qualifying conditions to be entitled to paternity leave benefits.

Exception provided for Banks and Insurers. Excluded are domestic workers, without prejudice to the executive authority including them in the scope of application of the Act on Labour Risks Act No. Not provided specially for pregnant workers.

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One of the objectives of this norm is the elimination of discrimination among women and men. In the absence of proof to the contrary, a woman worker shall pey presumed to have been dismissed on account of her pregnancy or maternity if her dismissal is ordered within the seven-and-a-half months before or after the date of her confinement, on condition oey she has discharged her obligation to give due notice and confirmation of her pregnancy and, where appropriate, of the birth of her child.

Temporary workers must have a proven record of employment with one or more employers in the 12 months immediately preceding the start of their current employment. Ninety days Extension A woman worker who has worked for more than one year in the enterprise may opt to extend her maternity leave for a period of not less than three months and not more than six months to care of the child.


In case of remaining absent from work for longer as a result of illness medically certified which owes its origin to pregnancy or childbirth and in consequence do not allow her to resume work in due time, she will claim benefits under section wages of this law.

To be in “excedencia” for 3 up to 6 months. Historical data year indicates year of data collection Professors covered by the Statute of Professors are entitled in case of adoption of children under 7 years 247716 to paid leave during 90 days. The regulations shall establish the industries covered by this prohibition.

Argentina – Maternity protection – 2011

It justifies certain inequalities set by the norm in order to compensate other inequalities already present in the employment relationship. When there is a minimum number of workers as stated by legal provisionsthe employer should provide for nursing facilities. The reduction of the maximum legal only proceed when setting national rules and regulations of the matter, including provision of individual contracts or collective labor agreements.

Furthermore, 24176 forbidden to occupy women in painful, dangerous or unhealthy jobs. A woman worker who has worked for more than one year in the enterprise may opt to extend her maternity leave for a period of not less than three months and not more than six months to care of the child.

Social security Parental leave benefits Not provided Act No. Decree of 18 April Modifying the Act.

It is not provided for workers covered by the Employment Contracts Act. It is not expressly provided a risk assessment 24761 pregnant workers in The Act on Employment Contracts. Not provided for workers covered by the Contracts Act.

Maternity protection is conferred by the Act on Employment Contracts and covers all working women, with the exception of public employees except where they are expressly included within its scope or within the scope of collective labour agreementsdomestic workers and agricultural workers.

In the case of a premature birth, the full period of leave that the worker did not take before her confinement shall be carried over to the period of her confinement, so that she is granted 90 days altogether. A woman with a valid working relationship that gives birth to a child and continues residing in Argentina will enjoy of a right called “excedencia” that allows her to return to a job of equal category after the end of her maternity leave.


Please contact us if you have updated information. We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version. The female workers must have been in their employment for a continuous period of three months or have received unemployment benefits.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Although the Act on Employment Contracts does not have any provision that expressly prohibit the dismissal of a woman on the grounds of pregnancy, it does guarantee that, during this period, every woman shall be guaranteed stability of employment during her pregnancy, which shall constitute an acquired right from the lry on which she duly notifies her employer of the fact that she is pregnant, with confirmation in the key of a medical certificate.

One hundred percent Prohibition of pregnancy testing All behaviours that discriminate against women in either public and private sectors; that are an obstacle to their enrollment, promotion, stability and permanence in employment; or by demanding their civil status, maternity, physical appearance and pregnancy tests is considered labor violence agains women. It is prohibited to order the execution of work at home to women employed in local or any other unit in the company.

ly The work on rest days is optional for all employees. However, the worker may opt to reduce her pre-natal leave but this shall not be less than 30 days. Not provided Act No. Working mothers that need a leave to take care of a sick child, may opt to: Professors covered by the Statute of Professors public sector are entitled in case of adoption of a child under 7 years old to 90 days of paid leave without any qualifying condition to access to it.