Buy M-Audio BX5 D2 5″ Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair): Computer Speakers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The BX5 D2 Active 70W 5″ 2-Way Studio Monitor Speaker (Pair) from M-Audio provides excellent sound quality in a compact and affordable design. Find great deals on eBay for M-audio BX5 D2 in Speakers and Monitors for Music Professionals. Shop with confidence.

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I have been very happy with them–there’s enough dynamic headroom to avoid the crackling sound on loud chords, and the sound is very clear although not as much bass as my Mackie monitors, which I use with my DAW. M-Audio BX5 D2 accessories. I want to know if Audioengine D1 have a noticeable difference in soundquality if i upgrade from my soundcard. My list is as such: However, when I hooked those up and nx5 my keyboard with a plain piano sound, they would crackle each time I played a loud chord and I didn’t even have them turned up very loud.

Our high-frequency domes are made from natural silk to counter the audible ringing that is inherent in the poorly crafted metallic materials often found in other monitors. Each cabinet is magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors and other electronic equipment without interference. Compact design is ideal for home, project, and mobile studios The large 5″ Kevlar woofer and 1″ waveguide-loaded tweeter bx55 a wide frequency response and detailed audio reproduction The tweeter is isolated from the rest of the enclosure to minimize distortion.

The mids, both the higher and lower end, were tuned just right so e2 audio coming out of the speakers sounded very natural and lifelike rather than digital and processed. Sign-up to Receive Daily Tech News! This type of design is much more expensive, but it produces the cleanest audio signals as interference between the high and low frequencies are better isolated.

M-audio BX5 D2

An easy-to-use volume control knob is also provided. For those unfamiliar, M-Audio has been in n professional audio industry for quite some time now and have quite a good reputation in the industry for producing top quality products at reasonable prices.

M-Audio BX5 D2 overview. Now, in movies and in gaming the bass response will feel a bit lacking as this is a 2.


M-audio BX5 D2 | eBay

It also features a built-in waveguide, which offers an expansive sound stage and exceptional imaging. Never really heard of these.

Inside, M-Audio has bundled a couple pieces of documentation. I love the little guide lights and the literature that accompanies the monitors to help you position them for the best clarity. Similar model shown for illustrative purposes. Our engineers also created a curved conical design that improves room dispersion. They are very solid, they come with pads to absorb vibration from the shelf they set on, and they look and sound great.

However it may be caused because I haven’t yet bought a proper stand, therefore the tweeters’ position is a bit lower than ideal. Rated 5 out of 5 by JazzPianoTickler from Good for personal keyboard amplification I needed a pair of good-quality powered speakers to attach to my keyboard. I’ve listened to the Audioengine A2’s which cost about the same, if not – more and these are so much better. The BX5 D2 speakers themselves are active studio monitors, which means they are internally powered and require no external amplifier to drive.

Each speaker is constructed of MDF and is finished in a matte finish for resistance to dust and fingerprints.

The BX5 D2 cabinet is integrally designed with its other components for optimal performance—right down to rounded corners for reduced edge diffraction and superior imaging.

If you are considering getting these in place of basic PC speakers it will be like going from a ‘s era TV to a modern wide screen high def!

Maybe stands would be better. Additionally, each BX5 D2 speaker needs to be individually powered, so for those of you who already have too much stuff plugged in to the power strip, this could potentially be an issue.

Either way, it will require more than a simple 3. That said, I definitely liked having the option of individually adjusting the volume on the speakers. Anyway, My second complaint is that the Highs might sound a tiny bit harsh in certain parts, if the volume is high enough.

I have a few specific songs with which I test new audio gear so I can make fair comparisons. But after that 3. Also a headphone jack would be nice as my old m-audio DX4’s had that and it was very convenient. I’m adding acoustic panels and will measure with a flat mic to compair on a spectrum analyser, so It’ll be OK here.


I believe the Mids could be just a tiny bit sharper, I feel like they almost get there but not quite, as heard in On the Backs of Angels and One Last Time, which is kind of disappointing because I don’t like focusing on trying to hear these small details, but rather I like simply hearing them, like I do with my AD’s. That’s because the song mostly concentrates on the Lows and Mid-Lows which is the strong side of the BX5’s.

The custom rear port is designed to minimize air turbulence and resulting distortion while adding additional low frequency extension. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This means a flat response curve all the way through the entire frequency range. They work great for that they aren’t the best monitors out there. In order to achieve better speaker isolation, M-Audio has also included two small foam pads, one for each speaker. The high-frequency driver is fully isolated from the rest of the enclosure to ensure minimum distortion, providing ultra-smooth frequency response up to 22 kHz. Oh my… what are these?

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – this is my all time favorite song, gear that can’t play it properly just isn’t proper gear for me. Sam Chen July 21, I found it was great with cheaper headphones and speakers.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Newbie Audiophile from I bought these speakers and I auvio them. What do I need to connect them?

M-Audio BX5 D2 Studio Monitor Review | Custom PC Review

I’m even not shy to say that I heard a tiny little detail of which I hadn’t even heard with my beloved AD’s that detail was James inhaling air, possible that I heard it because the volume was quite high. High-damping reliable rubber surrounds provide percussive musical bass, and insure that the cone reaches its optimal excursion for accurate reproduction. So that’s dd2 little drawback.

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